Funky Bakers is a delicious collaboration between bread makers, artists, bakers and chefs, using fresh local products and recipes from all over the world.

We are collaborating with Cloud Street, Pa de Kilo for our artisanal breads. Kayansel made our all online shop illustrations, Andres Requenas Office manages our brand image lately, little artist Kiki paints our window shops, and this list goes on till our fresh milk from Cal Porta Farm, or ecologic local butter freshly churned in Barcelona from a small producer.

Donna Stain, flower artist, brings every week, freshly prepared, seasonal flowers. Can Margens, 17 generations Farm House from Granollers brings us weekly freshly picked vegetables and fruits from their family garden.

We wanted to create a place where, every day, we could offer our favourite breads, coffees and drinks and also make top quality pastries, pies, superfoods, cakes, salads, sandwiches, and more, for people to take away. 

We work closely with our neighbours and value giving back to the community. We've teamed up with Chiringuito de Dios for daily pickups of our leftovers. We love our planet and use 100% recycled packaging and no plastic straws! We believe that put generosity and good energy into food, a workplace and a neighbourhood and it will come back and came back till nowadays.

In these difficult days we are trying to do our best to stand still and support our community!

From the beginning it was the idea to provide all the fundamental, high quality, local ingredients to our neighbours, we launched our online shop in 2 days, from our baked goods till eggs, fresh milk, butter or charcuteries that make our sandwiches delicious can be bought online.

Please make your order online in advance and pick up when it´s ready.
We will be doing our deliveries by EARLY BIRDS cycler, zero waste based courier team.
Stay safe, stay healthy.

Funky Bakers